Gail tells Michael they’re having a family meal that evening as Sarah and Bethany are returning to Italy tomorrow, although Bethany doesn’t know it yet! As the family sit down at the bistro, Callum heads over, apologising to David for calling on Max uninvited earlier. After a phone call from Uncle Stephen, Sarah heads home to email him an urgent document, but when Callum asks if he can help, she succumbs to his charms.

Faye blames herself for Owen and Anna’s splitting up and reckons if she could give the baby away everything could go back to normal. Owen assures her it’s not her fault and he hopes to build bridges with Anna, but she’s adamant they’re over.

As Tracy sees Ken off to the cinema she clocks Tony watching and tells him to sneak down the ginnel and come in around the back.

Carla opens an important looking letter and tells Nick that she has now officially changed her name back to Connor. Fed up with lying, Gail tells Andy how Susan keeps texting, wanting to know when she can visit Michael.