Concerned at the impact of recent events on Callum, Toadie arranges for them all to talk to a grief counsellor. In his session, Callum confesses his guilt over his last conversation with Troy in which he told him to leave him alone. After learning that Troy won’t even get a funeral, Callum asks Toadie if they can give him one so he can say goodbye. Sonya and Jade, however, are against the idea. Troy deserves nothing.

Andrew is interested in how Tash got Ed on board with his app idea but she’s trying to keep secret her involvement in the live action role-play game. However, when Ed tags a photo of her dressed in Viking gear on the internet, her secret is out. She wants to untag the photo but is stuck in a class and can’t reach a computer. Fortunately for her, Ed was testing her and is impressed that she allowed the photo to stay up so long…

Rhys criticises Karl for letting Troy leave hospital, accusing him of being unprofessional. He later realises that he’s just taking his homelessness out on his colleague and soon apologises. Karl then asks Jade to go easy on Rhys and she invites him back to live with them.