Kylie’s tetchy as she tries to cover the fact she’s on another comedown. When Callum phones demanding to see her she’s shocked and making out she’s got a nail appointment Kylie tracks him down to the pub. After handing her another wrap of speed Callum reveals he wants to see his son, Max. Kylie’s horrified and, telling Callum it’s really not a good idea, she rushes off.

Liz and Tony are like a couple of excitable teenagers as he moves his stuff into the Rovers. Meanwhile, determined to cheer Steve up and put the zing back in their relationship, Michelle tells him she’s treating him to lunch in the bistro.

Surrounded by family and friends Yasmeen proudly says a few words as she opens the new community centre. But Alya’s unnerved to see Gary there after asking him to keep his distance.

Fiz is convinced Cilla’s after something, but she’s absolutely charming, leaving Fiz more certain than ever that she’s up to something!