Callum discovers David’s done a runner

Gail and Michael return home to discover Erica’s pregnant, Sarah’s started a relationship with Callum and David has done a runner with the kids. Horrified she tries to phone David, but when Max goes to answer it, David slaps his hand away. Meanwhile, Callum’s when Gail lets slip that David’s taken their passports with them.

Declaring his love for Sean, Billy announces that he’s going to resign as vicar of St Mary’s. Sean’s deeply moved as he sets off to hand in his resignation.

Steve returns from a walk with the dog having clearly enjoyed himself, explaining to Michelle that all the rescue centres are currently full so she’s on a waiting list. But Michelle’s clearly not keen on Steve’s new friend.

Todd pretends to be supportive when Mary says she’s not going to surrender to the council and intends to stage a sit-in in her motorhome. Steve and Liz try to talk Michelle into having their wedding reception at the Rovers.