Having spent more time together, Sonya and Troy have grown closer. But it’s obvious that Sonya still has feelings for Toadie when she sees him helping Harold plan his wedding. Back on the street, as Troy and Sonya unpack the car, they share an intimate moment that’s witnessed by Callum. Sonya runs after him but he’s home before she can reach him.

Toadie can tell something is up and when Callum tells Toadie he saw Troy and Sonya about to kiss, Toadie does a great job of pretending he is OK about it. Harold later admits he’d also seen Sonya and Troy kissing the week before, and urges Toadie to speak to her, to see if it’s worth the fight. Toadie believes it’s all his fault and instead of fighting for her, he gives them his blessing.

In typical Paul Robinson style, he manages to get Kate thinking that she doesn’t have the right work-life balance, so when Jade breaks the news that Mark has moved in with her and Kyle, Kate pretends she is OK about it and asks if they all fancy doing something later. They’re all game, and decide to have a BBQ. However, sparks fly, and not just on the BBQ, but between Mark and Kyle.

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