Callum gets a haircut at the salon

Kylie’s a bag of nerves as an oblivious David cuts Callum’s hair, even accepting a £20 tip to spend on Max. When Callum then announces he’ll be in the Bistro later at the same time as the salon staff party, Kylie’s horrified. She hisses at him to leave her alone, but he insists she meets him later or he will call at No 8. Kylie’s trapped and forced to agree.

Zeedan gleefully tells Gary that Owen’s taken over the sauna job at the gym. Alya attempts to calm Gary, who’s furious with Kal for employing Owen. He feels he stands no chance against her family’s machinations, but Alya reminds him she makes her own decisions and will meet him later. It’s clear she’s having doubts about their relationship.

Tracy continues her charm offensive on Carla, but snaps when Leanne reminds her about the overdue shop rent.

Also, in the bistro, Gail catches impatient Erica helping herself to a drink, but when she orders Nick to throw her out, he refuses. He’s impressed by Erica’s flair for customer service and offers to pay her, but she hands him her number and asks him to call instead; and despite Todd’s snide comments, Billy enjoys the Grimshaws’ company.