Sonya and Toadie agree to take baby steps in rebuilding their relationship. However, things with Callum are still strained. The trio are at Harold’s for breakfast as Lucas approaches. When Lucas realizes that Sonya also knew about the web of lies, Toadie tries to prevent Callum from hearing. But it’s too late, Callum finds out that Sonya lied as well and he runs off.

Donna comes into the bar with the Erinsborough News and shows Rebecca the glowing article about her and her ‘gift to the children’ following the sale of PritateNet. However, Rebecca had no idea about the article and Declan knows this is Paul’s way of winning her round.

It’s Callum’s turn on PirateNet and he decides to interview a celebrity. As the once face of PirateNet, Tash is his chosen celeb. However, upset with all the lies, Callum gives Tash a hard time live on-air. Toadie hears the interview on the radio and rushes to the school. Given a telling off by Michael and Toadie, Callum is told he can only go back on air if he apologises to Tash. He agrees but, having locked the door behind him, Callum decides to read Steph’s letter out on-air. Toadie is horrified.