At Gavin’s funeral Gail and Andy pretend not to know each other, when suddenly Barbara insists Gail attends the wake to speak to Gavin’s mother, Michael’s ex-wife. Meanwhile, David’s on edge when Gail fails to show at the mediation and his temper rises when Callum paints a grim picture of Max’s life with the Platts. An incredulous David hurls insults at him in front of the mediator, he’s played right into a Callum’s hands.

Steve is riding high after completing his first airport run in ages, but Michelle looks on troubled, revealing to Liz that Steve owes £10,700 in unpaid tax after ignoring months’ worth of letters.

Kevin meets Jenny for lunch and is stunned when she finishes with him. Jenny tells Kevin their relationship is doomed as Rita, Sally and others will never accept them, but Kevin won’t take no for an answer.

Craig tries to get Faye to reconsider giving birth in secret. Explaining how unhappy she is with Sarah in Milan, Bethany still fails to convince Gail to let her stay in Weatherfield.