Toadie and Steph walk out to join the Ramsay kids in a game of street cricket. They are secretly hoping it will draw Callum in. Eyeing up Steph with evil intent, Callum runs and hurls the ball. Steph ducks, and the ball hits the makeshift dustbin wicket. Toadie reprimands Callum, but he’s not interested. He loudly declares that Steph stuffed up their lives, and he wishes he’d hit her.

Toadie admits that things have been hard lately, but Steph is part of their lives now, and he has to show her some respect as well as apologise. But when Toadie learns Lucas and Steph spent yesterday hanging out, he wonders if he has made the right decision after all.

In his quest to get closer to Summer, Andrew urges Harry to find out more intimate information on her. Harry does so, only to discover how much he and Summer have in common. Falling even further in love with her, he decides to keep quiet about what he knows. Will Andrew learn the truth about Harry’s double game?

Feeling guilty not knowing about Sophie’s hassles at school, Kate decides to put her relationship with Declan on hold so she can focus on her sister. How can Sophie get her over-protective big sister off her back?

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