Callum is arrested!

David and Kylie are overjoyed as they watch Callum being bundled into a police car. But when they realise that he’s two steps ahead and has had time to brainwash Max into saying that the gun was just a toy, Kylie blames Sarah for keeping quiet for so long.

When Dougie brings his daughter Caitlin to join the campers for their barbeque, Craig realises she’s the girl with the sketchbook and he’s clearly smitten. Dougie suggests they all spend 24 hours outdoors and Tyrone rises to the challenge, but Fiz is worried about Hope, who appears to be out of sorts.

Having been released without charge, Callum spitefully tells Bethany that she’s just a stupid little girl who he has no further use for. Turning to Jason for comfort Bethany tells him how Callum forced her to deliver drugs for him. When Jason later finds Callum trying to intimidate Sarah he runs to her defence.

Also, Mr Hanlon is impressed with Alya and signs the contract, much to Carla’s delight.