Callum issues some rough justice

Domestic violence victim Julia Sindall decides that it’s time to stand up to her vicious husband, Paul, and, with Sergeant Callum Stone’s help and support, is determined to get him put behind bars. DI Neil Manson is keen to get his hands on Paul, too; he knows him as a robber and thinks he’s back in town because he’s planning a job. He’s right, too… Julia confides in Callum that Paul has a meeting planned at their home with some of his criminal associates. Callum tells Neil, who instructs trainee DC Will Fletcher and DS Max Carter to watch the house.

From across the road, Will and Max take pictures of Paul and his gang. In the house, a nervous Julia spills some drinks and a furious Paul takes her out of sight. Callum later finds her at the house, badly beaten. He gets her to hospital and tells her that the police are going to catch Paul in the act of his next robbery.

But Callum is furious with Max, blaming him for the beating Julia received. Back at Sun Hill, after the officers have been briefed about Paul’s plans, Callum pulls Will to one side. Callum wants the young officer to help him get to Paul before he’s arrested, so that he can give him a taste of his own medicine…