Callum kidnaps Max?

The Platts warn David not to mess with Callum and his mates as they’re dangerous. But David calls the police, telling them about Callum’s drug-dealing and how Kylie’s missing. The Platts worry David’s made matters worse by involving the police but he’s adamant he’s done the right thing. However, as Max rides his bike on the street, he comes face to face with Callum.

Michelle meets a new client, Hamish, who asks her to organise his daughter’s 21st party. When Hamish calls in the Rovers and asks her out for a drink, Michelle declines. Eva thinks she’s a fool for turning down her handsome admirer. Regretting her decision, Michelle rushes after Hamish.

Kirk frets about his wedding costume and his speech. But when Sinead unveils the finished basque to Beth she’s speechless, bowled over by Sinead’s work. Meanwhile, Chesney admits he’s struggling to write his best man’s speech.

Anna returns to work at the café making it clear she’s only doing it for the money and Roy’s saddened. Meanwhile, Alya suggests she and Izzy try to get on as they have to work together.