Callum tries to apologise to Jean for being aggressive, but she is still frightened. Jean packs to leave and when Stacey finds her mum writing a goodbye note she demands to know what’s going on. A furious Stacey confronts Callum, who breaks down and reveals that his own mum physically and mentally abused him, hence the scars on his legs. Callum decides that there’s nothing left for him in Walford and leaves the Square.

Roxy learns that Ronnie is back in the Square and, afraid of jeopardising a reunion with her sister, she returns the credit card to Jack. Roxy pleads with Ronnie that Jack means nothing to her and Ronnie cruelly counters that she feels the same about Roxy. A hurt Roxy storms over to Jack’s and asks for the credit card back. Roxy tells him that she’s going to have a night out on him!

Minty joins a pottery class to meet some women and is downhearted when all the ladies in the class are pensioners! Minty is cheered up when he discovers that the pottery teacher is a woman called Manda (Josie Lawrence), who he knew when he was younger and who once dated Phil.

Also, Darren sets up a webcam to catch Billy’s ‘ghost’.

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