Callum makes a disturbing threat to David

David’s rage turns to devastation when Callum coolly informs him that he and Kylie are back together. Outside the Dog & Gun, David collars Macca who leads David and Eva to Callum’s. David kicks in the door, but they’re disturbed when Callum turns up. He warns David that if he doesn’t stay away Kylie may take Max to live with them.

Roy returns from court feeling wretched, believing he got off lightly. He calls on Mary, but she makes it clear she’s disappointed he resorted to violence.

Alya’s guilt-ridden as gutted Sinead surveys Beth’s basque. Julie suggests they use soda water to remove the stain. As the girls set about their rescue mission, Sinead puts Beth off when she asks to see her basque.

With Tyrone out Luke cooks for Maria, but is annoyed when Ty arrives home early; as she prepares to leave, Erica’s learns from Leanne that Nick only wanted a fling so she mischievously declares deep feelings for him.