Callum makes a shocking decision

As desperate times call for desperate measures, Callum makes a shocking decision that could change his life. Faced with eviction and needing to come up with three month’s rent within the week, he wants in on Robbie’s scam too.

The Savages try to get back to normal, now the ‘killer’ has been found. However, Doug is convinced of Leanne’s innocence and is determined to prove it.

When Nancy runs out of painkillers, she turns to Sienna for help. However, with more pressing things on her mind, Sienna shuns Nancy and tells her to sort herself out. She heads over to see Dr Browning instead and is shocked to hear Mercedes accusing him of Texas’s murder. Browning threatens to call social services about her pill-popping if she breathes a word.

Also, as Tony continues to hide his secret from Diane he finds out when his orchidectomy surgery is – next Friday!