The guys and girls are waiting to hear who sold most calendars, and Callum points out that if the guys win, the girls don’t actually lose anything, so it’s decided that the women can’t speak for 24 hours if they lose. When the result comes in, the girls are shocked and disappointed to hear they lost by sixteen calendars, and all have to keep quiet all day long! However, when Lyn spots a receipt for the women’s calendar in Callum’s pocket, it turns out he rigged the competition so the guys won. The women claim their prize and start making plans for the shed.

With Tash and Chris hanging out, Summer apologises for her behaviour and asks if they can all hang out. Summer knows what she is up to and the only reason she’s hanging around is to watch Tash stuff things up.

When Callum receives a detention for falling asleep in class, Toadie suspects he is having nightmares again, keeping him awake at night. Callum assures him he isn’t but doesn’t feel comfortable that they never got to the bottom of his dreams. Desperate to find out what it’s all about, Callum packs a bag, leaves a note for Toadie and Sonya and leaves the house.

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