Callum pays Max a visit

Katy takes Max to the cafe to give David a break, but while her back’s turned Max runs out of the door. Outside Katy finds Max chatting to a stranger. The man introduces himself as Callum and assures Katy that he and Max go way back.

Eva confides in Todd that she and Tony are planning to view a flat behind Jason’s back and show it to Jason in the hope he’ll allow Tony to give them the deposit. Todd listens, an evil plan forming in his mind. Knowing Tony and Eva are in the flat, Todd encourages Jason to pop home. As Tony and Eva pore over flat details, Jason walks in and demands to know what they’re playing at.

When Norris short-changes Maddie she’s furious, but Norris refuses to hand over the money, insisting she’s lying. Discovering the till is up, Rita returns the money to Maddie and Norris is forced to apologise.

Steve tells Michelle how he can’t forgive himself for the fact Sinead might never walk again. Suddenly Chesney storms over blaming Steve for Sinead’s injuries and demanding some answers.