Callum reaches out to Sonya

Having seen Callum upset by old memories of his mum, Sophie tells Kate she doesn’t want Sonya staying with them. Sonya overhears Sophie’s rant and leaves the house, teary-eyed, telling them she’s going for a walk. When Kate goes after her, there’s no sign of Sonya, however Mark’s across the street and the two share an awkward exchange.

When Mark arrives home, he can see that Callum is down in the dumps and so offers to take him to the police station for a while. At the station, Callum sees a young girl having her fingerprints taken and asks Mark what makes someone do something wrong. When Mark explains that sometimes people get wrapped up in themselves, Mark knows he needs to see Kate, and Callum gets thinking about Sonya.

Mark finally asks Kate out for a coffee which she accepts, however, knowing Toadie and Callum need him, he reluctantly cancels their date to stay in with the boys.

When Toadie sees Sonya, she apologises for upsetting Callum again but he isn’t interested, telling her to do the right thing and leave. Sonya has every intention of doing just that and as she is about to leave with her case packed, Callum knocks on the door, asking her if one day she’ll tell him more about his family.

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