Thrusting a letter at David, Callum demands to see Max and David’s gutted to read that Callum’s applied for a residency order for Max. To David’s horror, Callum tells Max that he’s his real Dad and as David orders him to leave, he tries to explain all to an emotional Max.

In a rage, Jason punches Tony and accuses him of having an affair with Eva. Back on the street, Tony and Eva barge into No 11 and explain to Jason that they were simply attending an auction at which Tony kindly bought them a house. Deeply offended, Eva tells Jason they’re finished as Todd revels in their distress. Jason apologises to Eva and getting down on one knee, asks her to marry him.

Sally’s taken aback to see that Kevin’s date is Jenny Bradley, while Norris tears into Jenny, berating her for the way she treated Rita in the past. Jenny leaves embarrassed, followed by an apologetic Kevin.

Linda persuades Owen that they should forgive and forget for the sake of the girls; after another pep talk from her physio, Sinead paints on a smile for Chesney, Kirk, Beth and Julie when they visit.