Callum’s dad arrives in Ramsay Street

Sonya tells Troy the truth; that she kept his baby nearly 14 years ago. When he asks to see his son, Sonya tells him no, he’s happy and safe. Neither of them can understand why Toadie contacted Troy and so she heads over and asks Toadie what he’s playing at.

He explains that he wanted to know what he’s up against because Jade’s comments about blood being thicker than water, unsettled him. Sonya explains that in doing so, Troy now wants to meet his son, putting Toadie in an even worse position. He admits he has stuffed up and begs Sonya to keep him away from Callum.

Sonya asks Troy to give it time and tells him Callum isn’t ready to find out about him yet, he’s only just found out about Sonya. However, Harold takes Callum for a milkshake and as he calls his name, Troy hears and sees his son. When Harold tells Toadie, he freaks out.

With Michael’s no uniform policy in full swing, Summer is furious when she finds Tash scoring people’s outfits. When Michael tells her to opt out of the fashion show it’s created, Summer decides to wear her uniform. Cashing in, Paul runs a front cover of Summer’s protest in a bid to highlight Michael’s failing policy.

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