Callum’s nightmares become reality…

When Callum suffers nightmares about Guy returning to Erinsborough, Toadie uses Harold’s Ramsay Street history book to help explain that while bad events might befall good people, often there is a positive outcome. Callum’s reassured, but his fears are reignited when Guy appears again – inside the house!

Donna convinces Elle to tell the police the truth about who was really stalking Cass. When Elle learns that Donna’s punishment will be lessened if Cass provides a character reference vouching for Donna, Elle begs her to write the statement. Cass refuses but, later, Lucas points out that vouching for Donna is actually in Cass’s best interests.

When Donna learns of her mother’s self-serving ways, she’s ready to write her off for good, but Ringo suggests Cass is capable of change. Donna decides to love Cass no matter what and force her to change through love.

Sunny is excitedly anxious about her first day at school but the gloss is taken off when she has an argument with Zeke. However, they are thrown together for a school play audition and are both shocked when Dan announces that they’ve won the lead roles, meaning they’ll be spending a lot more time together.

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