Calvin is sure he has been busted as he stands in The Loft with Warren‘s cocaine in his pocket as Eddie arrives with sniffer dogs for a drugs raid. But, rather than suspecting him, Eddie thinks Calvin is running away from his wedding. Calvin uses this an excuse to hurry out and rush off to his wedding. Carmelis relieved when Calvin turns up, and the couple tie the knot. Later, at the wedding reception at The Loft, Myra and Leo end up sharing a drunken snog.

Meanwhile, Calvin pulls Warren aside to warn him that this was the last time he helps him out. But when Warren gives Carmel a wedding gift of upgraded flights for their honeymoon, Calvin is reminded he is still in Warren’s pocket. Warren assures Louise that nothing is going on between him and Mandy. Louise admits she’s been acting irrationally and agrees to lay off the booze for the day.

But Warren is annoyed to later find Louise with a drink. As the reception begins, Louise gets stuck into the champagne and before long, Warren has to carry her home and put her to bed. As the reception finishes and all the guests leave, a fed-up Warren finally gives into his urges and kisses Mandy passionately.

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