Calvin tells Mercedes that The Dog are holding their own ‘sexy santa contest’. Malachy suggests Mercedes enters to promote The Loft and get one over on Cheryl. He also pushes Calvin into entering with her. While Calvin can only watch on jealously as Mercedes and Malachy share a loving kiss.

Josh tries to make amends with Dave but he’s not interested and prepares to head home for Christmas. Meanwhile, Anita is trying her best to make it up to Leila and Ravi but is getting nowhere. Later, Anita sees Dave and heads over to apologise. She’s shocked by Dave’s bitterness and heads off, alone.

Also; Kris assumes Nancy wants him to move in when she suggests getting a lodger. But Nancy says that living together would be a nightmare. The pair realise there’s been a misunderstanding, and Kris hints that they head back to the empty flat.

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