Calvin wants Carmel to return home, but is finding it difficult having the guilt of Nige’s murder hanging over his marriage. Calvin tells Warren that he can’t take it any more, but Warren manages to convince him to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Mark appears right on cue to console the devastated Carmel and the pair go out for a drink. Mark walks her home and tries to kiss Carmel. She refuses, but doesn’t realise that Calvin has witnessed the whole thing.

Hannah returns from Paris looking glamorous and so absorbed with her posh holiday, that she seems to have forgotten all about Elliot. But although she insists that nothing happened between her and Matt, the mysterious man who whisked her away, she clearly misses then glamour of Paris, so decides to organise a beauty pageant.

Despite being flat broke, Justin refuses Warren’s job offer. Later, he feels an unexpected stab of jealousy when he discovers that Leila and Gilly are going out on a date. After given the nasty task of unblocking the ladies loos, Justin us just about to ask Leila out himself when Gilly turns up. It proves to be the final straw for Justin who decides to accept Warren’s job after all.

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