Angry Calvin is convinced Carmel is up to no good after finding condoms in her bag. Lauren tries but fails to warn the oblivious Carmel and Calvin walks in to find them deep in conversation in The Dog. Later, back at the Valentines, Carmel defends herself to Calvin, revealing the condoms were meant for Lauren. Furious at Carmel for encouraging Lauren to have underage sex, Calvin tells Carmel to pack her bags and leave.

After a run-in with Carmel, Michaela heads to The Loft to get drunk and forget her troubles, and ends up throwing herself at an older bloke, Paul. When Mike sees Paul try it on with Michaela, he lays into him. Michaela warns Mike to stay away but when she breaks down, Mike comforts her.

Dom is having difficulty removing Ste and Justin from his new flat, and gives the pair until the end of the day to get out. Realising that they need to impress Dom if they’re going to convince him to let them stay, Ste and Justin fetch all the ingredients for a proper lads’ night in. The trio dig into curry and beers, prompting Dom to reconsider letting them stay.

Also, Newt and Lauren get into trouble for stealing Gov’s credit card.

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