Carmel demands an explanation from Calvin when he turns up after doing a runner. Calvin breaks down and confesses to Carmel that he thought he’d killed Nige but he’s just seen him alive and well in a car park! Carmel is furious to realise that Calvin has been lying to her for months and she listens with increasing horror as Calvin confesses that Warren has been blackmailing him into being a bent copper. Calvin is crushed when Carmel makes it clear she can’t get past the deceit.

Loretta has been upset by Mercedes‘ ear-bashing and Dom is devastated when she says she’s not sure whether she’s ready for a relationship with him. Dom furiously confronts Mercedes and Cindy about their treatment of Loretta. Loretta hears Dom’s loving words about her and she can’t resist returning straight back to his arms.

Leila arranges to cook dinner for Justin. She’s put out when Ash announces he’s cooking for Hannah, too. Leila and Ash get under each other’s feet in the kitchen and Ash makes it clear he disapproves of Leila dating Justin. Meanwhile, Hannah and Justin get on well as they wait for their food and Hannah later has food for thought when Ash is nasty about Justin.

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