Calvin confesses to Sasha

Fed up with living in Hollyoaks, Calvin suggests to Carmel that they leave. Carmel isn’t convinced, believing the cash they saved up was to buy a house. Meanwhile, Sasha is tempted when Gaz offers her a spliff and tells Calvin, she doesn’t think she’ll be able to stay clean if he and Carmel move away. Upset that Sasha would contemplate returning to drugs, they have a row and Calvin confesses he killed Nige.

Lauren hatches a plan to use Anita to hep her see Newt and suggests to Anita that she pretend to ask Newt out. So while Frankie and Leo think the two are out together, Newt and Lauren can spend time alone. Unfortunately, Frankie wrecks things by offering to treat Newt to a nice dinner, and Newt, remembering his chat with Darren, can’t refuse.

Zak convinces Ash to give him a trial working back at Relish on the condition that if he messes up, Ash doesn’t pay him. Ash is impressed with Zak’s handling of Gaz but doesn’t realise he has laced Gaz’s food with a diuretic. But the plan backfires when Ash and Zak return from a pint to find that Gaz, in revenge, has smeared the front of Relish with his own faeces.

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