Warren is desperate for Justin to retrieve Sean’s wallet, little knowing that devious Clare has pinched it. Meanwhile, Calvin breaks some shocking news to Louise about Sean, and when Warren hears about it, he puts more pressure on a frantic Justin.

Sarah tells a lovelorn Hannah to put John-Paul behind her. Hannah promises to start looking for a new man, but she can’t bring herself to move on and puts John-Paul’s friendship at risk when she gatecrashes John-Paul’s important date with Spike. Has she wrecked his new romance?

Jessica may be dreading her date with Darren, but she’s delighted to realise her dalliance with him is making Kris jealous. And she’s further pleased and surprised when her date with Darren goes much better than expected. But has she misjudged Darren’s intentions?

Also, Steph is thrilled when she inherits a small fortune from a distant relative, but her excitement is short lived when she learns that she will have to do some charity work before she can get her hands on her dead Auntie’s cash.

And well-meaning Kris attempts to sort out lonely Zak’s lack of love life.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday May 9*