Calvin dumps Louise in it

Unreceptive to the idea of going back to work, Calvin drowns his sorrows at The Dog. However, the atmosphere turns awkward when Louise turns up and Calvin ends up announcing to a curious Darren and everyone else, that Louise thinks she was the one who pushed Clare off the balcony.

Amy is brooding and upset after having been dumped by Josh and is further irritated by Kathy not letting her get close to Leah. When Michaela suggests a girly holiday together Kathy encourages Amy to go, but Amy feels torn between her friends and her daughter. Later, realising where her priorities lie in life and determined to be a good mum to baby Leah, Amy decides to confront Kathy.

Melissa helps Hannah in her battle not to raid the fridge by taking her out of the house to keep her mind off food. Later, Hannah struggles to fight temptation and Melissa realises that drastic measures are needed.

John-Paul and Spike enjoy an afternoon together in The Dog. There‚Äôs definite chemistry between the former lovers, but John-Paul is uncertain if he’s ready to move on from Craig.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday August 22*