Calvin worries that the police are going to find out abut Nige, and his fears increase when Warren tells him the police have been questioning him about it. Calvin tells Warren that he can’t stand lying to Carmel much longer and he doesn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, Carmel suggests to Lauren that she and Calvin will accompany her on a trip to Spain to visit Val and Danny. But when Calvin finds out, he tells a baffled Carmel off for making promises they can’t commit to. Calvin tells Carmel he is going away for a few days, but refuses to tell her what’s going on.

Russ and Tina‘s effort to sleep together is cut short when Nancy returns home from holiday to find the two of them and baby Max in her flat. Later, Tina is unhappy to find Russ drunk and larking about with the students. She’s further annoyed when Russ invites everyone back to Nancy’s flat for a few beers and soon suggests it’s time to find a place of their own.

Warren is unhappy when Louise starts sniping at him about Sean’s death, and when Louise arrives drunk again, he heads out to find Mandy.

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