Calvin finds Sasha unconscious

Despite Sasha imploring her to keep her drug-taking a secret, Carmel works up the nerve to tell Calvin, but he mistakes Carmel’s distress over Sasha for her being upset about her family. He reassures her that they’ll have a perfect engagement meal together but they’re both aghast when their quiet evening alone is hijacked by the rest of the Valentines.

When they’re finally left alone together, Calvin and Carmel take a stroll through the village, but the romance of the occasion is ruined when Carmel catches Sasha on a high. Unnerved Sasha suggests to Fletch that they give up all drugs for a while. However, she is appalled when she sees Fletch staggering through the village after taking heroin and confronts him, only for the completely wasted Fletch to dump her.

Heartbroken, Sasha decides to go to Ste for help. Meanwhile, Amy is furious with Ste after finding a comatose Fletch in the flat after buying heroin. So when Sasha arrives looking for her next hit, Ste is forced to wrestle with his conscience against his need for cash. He gives in, resulting in devastating consequences for Sasha – and Calvin.

Also, Niall tries to get information from Warren on the state of Carmel and Calvin’s relationship.

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