Calvin is finding it hard work trying to look after Spencer and Leo suggests that Spencer is not his responsibility. Spencer is jealous when Cheryl turns up and flirts with Calvin, and runs off into the village where he has a run in with Malachy and Mercedes. Calvin is at his wits’ end and he takes Spencer to sheltered accommodation.

Ste is wracked with guilt for falling asleep when he should have been keeping an eye on Lucas and wants to make up with Mike, but Daniel and Abi insist that Mike was out of order. Abi takes Lucas out into the village and has a tense encounter with Mike. Abi tells Ste and Daniel and Daniel pressures Ste to keep Mike out of Lucas’ life. Later, Daniel makes a call to say that Lucas is ready for adoption.

Kris lords it over the other graduates at the call centre. Zoe tries not to lose it with Kris, as she needs to keep the job. Zak fails to make a sale and Kris has a go at him. Kris finally pushes Zoe too far after he hijacks one of her phone calls and she accuses him of being satanic but Kris refuses to back down.

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