Calvin finishes with Carmel

Calvin struggles to cope with the fact that his sister has taken heroin, as the family sit at Sasha’s hospital bedside. As he vows to find whoever did this to her, Carmel is wracked with guilt that she already knew. Sasha is mortified when she wakes to see her family, and feels guilty as Calvin berates himself for not taking care of her.

Meanwhile, Carmel confesses her secret to Niall who deliberately betrays her confidence to Calvin. An enraged Calvin confronts Carmel and blames her for the Sasha’s sorry state, before ending their relationship, leaving Niall to provide the shoulder to cry on.

Ste is terrified about Sasha’s overdose after leaving her comatose in the village. Fletch begs Ste to give him some weed but Ste is too scared by the possible consequences of his actions and refuses.

Realising Sarah is uncomfortable with he and Zoe’s intimacy, Mike vows to spend more time with his daughter. Later, Roger tries to charm Sarah in the Union but Zoe is determined not to let her fall for the sleazebag again and drags her away. But with pressures at home getting to her, Sarah just wants some fun, and turns to Roger.

Also, Steph is disappointed when she fails her audition.

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