Convinced it’s a practical joke, Calvin refuses to believe Newt and Lauren’s story that they’ve found a body in the woods. But when Zak comments that Elliot is still missing, Calvin takes them back to the woods to investigate. As the police arrive at the scene, Newt and Lauren are terrified of what’s going to happen to them, until Calvin confirms that the body isn’t Elliot’s. Calvin is in shock as the true identity of the body is revealed.

Vegas Night at The Loft is going badly wrong with the punters queuing for their free drinks at the bar. Justin’s heart sinks when an angry Warren marches in and takes over. Meanwhile, Niall is pleased when Kireron helps him score with the ladies.

Katy worries when Louise interrupts her and Zak together, knowing that if Justin finds out, it’ll break his heart. Kris introduces a Las Vegas commitment ceremony to proceedings but no-one seems to be interested, until Warren proves just how much he loves Louise…

Eyeing up the women in the sex addiction group, Darren is in his element, until he realises all eyes on are him. As he begins to tell his story, he’s unaware that the late arrival sitting next to him is Mercedes.

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