Calvin starts to feel the strain when Carmel starts discussing holidays now that Calvin’s ‘making more money at work’. Meanwhile, Warren has a flash new sports car on trial and Calvin feels envious. Calvin realises that he’ll have to make more money if he wants to give Carmel and him a better life and he asks Warren for another job.

Nancy signs Ravi up for a promotion at Evissa to get Ravi out of the flat for a few hours and when she bumps into Kris she casually drops it into conversation. Kris is on his way over to see Nancy when he spots Ravi going into Evissa and decides to go after Ravi instead. But Kris’ meddling backfires and Ravi returns home to see Nancy, and the couple enjoy a romantic Valentine’s together.

Sasha visits Warren in the hope of revisiting their kiss from the other night but he’s cold with her. But when Warren asks Sasha to keep Spencer company she jumps at the chance. But Sasha is left devastated when Warren comes home that night with a drunken Sarah on his arm.

Also, Theresa rescues Jacqui’s black market business from Tan & Tumble from detection by dragging Gilly out of the premises on a date!

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