Carmel agrees to buy condoms for Newt and Lauren after Lauren confides in her that she wants to consummate her relationship with Newt. Carmel is about to hand over the condoms, when she is interrupted by Mark who needs some advice. Carmel leaves the condoms in her bag and goes off with Mark.

Meanwhile, Warren has convinced Calvin not to trust Mark’s intentions with Carmel. So when Calvin heads home to see Carmel, he is concerned to hear she’s with Mark. Suspicious Calvin then finds a packet of condoms in Carmel’s bag and begins to wonder if Carmel is having an affair with Mark…

Tony warns Mandy off Warren, but she just can’t stay away from him. When Warren takes Mandy and Ella to the park, Mandy pushes Warren for some sort of commitment and he tells her that he’ll leave Hollyoaks with her. However, as soon as he is back home with Louise, he plays the perfect fiance. What is Warren up to?

Also, Michaela tries to get her family back together by telling Myra that Carmel is really missing her. Myra is keen for the reconciliation, but Carmel isn’t ready to forgive and forget.

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