Calvin goads Warren about the fire

Warren fails to hide his jealousy when Calvin rescues Louise from the burning Evissa and gives her mouth-to-mouth. Later, Warren loses it when he sees Calvin at the hospital, and attacks him when he hints that he thinks Warren was behind the fire. Distraught Warren keeps a vigil by the motionless Louise’s bedside. Elsewhere, Justin protests Warren’s innocence to Katy, but she remains unconvinced her brother is not involved.

Gilly struggles to deal with his suspicion that Simon is a paedophile and confides in OB. But knowing Gilly dislikes Simon, OB accuses him of spreading vicious rumours.

Max and Steph’s performance in the Singing Sensations competition attracts hysterical laughter rather than critical acclaim when Steph suffers a wardrobe malfunction and Max fails to execute a special dance technique.

Meanwhile, a desperate Summer finds herself without a partner after falling out with Kris, and OB steps in and offers himself as her new man. But everyone is shocked when Sarah and Simon are announced the winners.

Also, Jake bonds with Kris’s brother Malachy at the Rant Club over their dislike of Kris.