Calvin is close to nailing Warren

Mark gives Calvin 24 hours to set Warren up for a drugs bust but threatens to have Calvin arrested instead of Warren if the plan fails. Calvin is thrilled when Carmel texts and invites him for a drink but he’s on edge when he finds her talking to Mark. Calvin manages to shake off Mark and enjoy his evening, despite knowing that he has a lot riding on tomorrow.

Myra flirts with Mike over the breakfast table and she’s hurt when a scared Mike suggests they go to the McQueens’ to see if the rats have left. When they arrive the rats have disappeared and it’s clear Mercedes and Malachy have been enjoying being alone. A thrilled Mike helps Myra and the girls move back in but he’s lumbered with them again when the rats return.

Sarah opens up to Zoe about Lydia and confesses that they’re seeing each other but she’s nervous about having a lesbian relationship. Archie and Elliot arrive in the SU bar and join the girls and a discussion about relationship makes Sarah even more confused about her feelings for Lydia. Sarah is dared to kiss Elliot but unfortunately Leila walks in at that moment to see them kissing and leaves devastated.

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