Carmel is in big trouble with Mark for losing the CCTV footage and Calvin is wracked with guilt. Warren is grateful for Calvin helping him out with the CCTV footage and pays him handsomely and tells him to take Carmel out for the afternoon in Warren’s posh car. Carmel is cheered up when Calvin takes her for a romantic pub lunch in the country. Calvin is left speechless as they’re about to leave when he sees a ghost from the past and spots Nige!

Mercedes is furious when she sees Dom kissing Loretta and can’t believe that he’s betrayed the memory of her late sister Tina so soon. Mercedes lays into Dom and Loretta, especially when she discovers that they met in a lap-dancing bar. Loretta tries to apologise to Mercedes but Mercedes is adamant that she’s a slapper and nothing compared to Tina.

Ste plays hard to get with Theresa but agrees to hook up with her at MOBs. Ste wants to know the story with her rape allegation against Tony and Theresa is frustrated when she won’t let it drop. The pair reach a truce when they agree that they both have less than savoury pasts and Ste kisses her.

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