Calvin kicks Leo out!

The Valentines frantically search the local area for Sasha, hoping to find her before Calvin and Carmel return from their holiday. But Calvin and Carmel soon return, with Calvin incensed that no-one bothered to contact him sooner. Later, Calvin is furious to discover Leo, drunk and passed out on the sofa and tells him to get out of the house.

Over in Il Gnosh, Jacqui sees Niall and tells him she hasn’t forgotten that he saved baby Max’s life. Against Tony’s will, she invites him to the naming ceremony. Later, Jacqui and Mercedes go shopping at a Bric-a Brac stall and Jacqui can’t resist returning to her old ways, and takes the opportunity to steal a silver trinket for the baby.

Continuing to struggle to fit into life outside the Church, Kieron offers to help hand out flyers for John Paul’s gay night at The Loft. However, when he spots the college chaplain, he is unsure whether he has come out too soon.

Also, Amy and Ste make their way home where Ste presents Amy with a pregnancy test and asks her to use it. Amy manages to delay Ste but for how long?

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