Calvin makes a tough decision

Sasha returns home and vows to play her family for all it’s worth. But she’s struggling to cope with the cramps and pain from her heroin withdrawal. Calvin is determined to use a tough approach with his sister and warns Leo to stay away from Sasha. When Sasha fails to get Calvin onside, she smashes a glass in frustration. Calvin misreads the situation and concludes that Sasha tried to harm herself. In desperation, Calvin decides to buy heroin for Sasha.

Hannah and Elliot are puzzled as to why Sarah didn’t make it to the fayre, unaware that she saw what she thought was Hannah and Elliot kissing. Later, Elliot tells a bemused Hannah they can only be friends as he’s interested in someone else. Hannah tries to persuade Sarah to do something about Elliot and she shocks him during the ping pong contest by interrupting play and confessing her true feelings to him.

Gilly and Josh make an unannounced visit to Ste in the council flat, explaining that Neville is now his new landlord. Worried about a rent increase, Ste begins to panic about the possibility of life on the streets. Meanwhile, a homeless Justin looks around for a new place to live and turns up at Ste’s flat.

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