Calvin helps Sonny prepare for his big 18th birthday bash by buying him some fancy bling, treating him to a fry up and promising to buy his brother his first proper drink. But when their day is almost ruined by a visit from Warren, they hatch a plan to get him out of their lives for good. Sonny tells Calvin that he’s pretty sure that Warren keeps cocaine in his safe at The Loft, and the pair decide that Calvin should pay Warren a visit – in uniform.

The McQueens debate John-Paul’s homosexuality with Michaela concerned about her credibility and Mercedes deep in denial. The family try to keep the truth from Myra but her ignorance doesn’t last, with Suzanne wasting no time in informing Myra about John-Paul’s sexuality. Myra confronts John-Paul, who reluctantly admits the truth to his mum.

Hannah is an emotional wreck following John-Paul’s revelation that he’s gay, and she refuses to leave her room. Worried Suzanne does everything she can to help, but Hannah refuses to eat, and forlornly sits staring at pictures of John-Paul.

In prison, Becca dreads Jacqui leaving, despite her cellmate’s determination to bring Justin to justice. But Becca faces a new challenge when her cellmate Fran turns nasty…
* Screened on TV3, Thursday 8th March *