Calvin pockets the evidence!

Calvin learns that Carmel has been asked to do a raid on The Loft with the local cop shop. Calvin warns Warren, who reveals that he’s already removed the stolen laptops. Calvin and Warren realise that the club’s CCTV footage could incriminate them. Calvin steals the discs after Carmel takes them and saves his own neck but puts Carmel’s career in jeopardy.

Ste tells Dom about kissing Amy and Dom advises Ste to apologise to get her back on side. Ste gets approached by a flirty Theresa as he waits for Amy. When Amy turns up she’s with Josh and Ste and Josh are soon arguing. Josh is furious when Ste lets slip about seeing Leah and kissing Amy. When Ste realises he’s pushed Amy even further away, Natty suggests he give Amy space and Ste decides to ask out an interested Theresa to make Amy jealous.

Dom is hoodwinked into giving both Cindy and Mercedes a trial as waitresses at Il Gnosh. Cindy and Mercedes try to outmanoeuvre each other in front of weary Dom. By the end of the night the girls have managed to get themselves a permanent job at the restaurant and a baffled Dom isn’t quite sure how it happened!

Also, Leila and Elliot bond over auras.

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