Calvin probes Louise’s disappearance

Calvin visits Warren when Louise’s mum files a Missing Persons report. Warren is unflustered but sweats when Calvin asks to speak to Spencer as he knows Spencer won’t lie. Spencer tells them all that he has seen something truly horrible and Calvin encourages him to reveal the truth.

Darren tells Steph he’s been mugged but she won’t believe him and throws him out. Darren pleads with Malachy to give the money from MOBS back but Malachy plays the innocent. Cindy interrupts and reveals that the takings have been returned. Malachy has made his point and Darren accepts that he deserved what he got. Darren vows to put the family first, even if it means sacrificing his relationship with Cindy.

Dom is rushed off his feet in Il Gnosh after the rave review of Ste‘s cooking in the local paper. Ste makes the most of Dom’s distraction to serve customers his own dishes in an attempt to impress. Dom sees Theresa trying to sell a customer dodgy goods and threatens to throw her out along with Ste for allowing it. Theresa sticks up for Ste and helps waitress for Dom to make it up.

Also, Mercedes uses the cosmetics she stole from Evissa to make perfume to flog to unsuspecting punters.

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