Gaz is impressed as Lauren continues to fool Spencer about her pregnancy. Spencer tells Sasha that Lauren’s pregnant, however she misunderstands and believes that Gaz is the father. Desperate to keep up the lie, Gaz reminds Spencer that he still needs to pay for Lauren’s medical bills. Later, Cheryl accidentally spills the beans to Calvin.

Steph’s convinced Jem’s cheating on Gilly and ropes Darren in to helping her. They’re caught in the act when Gilly and Jem return, but Darren tells them that he and Steph had come upstairs for some alone time. Later, Gilly catches up with Steph and tells her she can do better than Darren. Steph leans in to kiss him, but he pulls away.

Meriel and Michaela go to the hospital to interview Tariq, who has been admitted after his attack. When Michaela meets up with Zak she notices the bruises on his fists, realising he was involved she walks out. Meriel hints that she knows Zak was involved.

Also; Anita asks Ravi if she can borrow some cash for the festival but he’s preoccupied by his date with Kate. When Kate arrives Anita spills coffee over her, as Ravi goes after her, Anita raids the till for money for the tickets.

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