Theresa backs Calvin into a corner at the wedding, she needs to talk to him right now this minute, or she’ll talk to Carmel instead. Over a barrel, Calvin slips away from the reception. Theresa and Calvin are stunned as Carmel arrives and demands to know what is going on. Theresa runs into Mercedes and makes a shocking confession. Only to be told about Mercedes and Calvin’s affair!

Mercedes has a go at Jacqui for ruining her life, while she reminds Mercedes of the damage she’s inflicted on Carmel. Sickened by Mercedes’ selfish and destructive nature, Jacqui issues an ultimatum, Mercedes has to leave home with Malachy, or she’ll tell Carmel the truth.

Lauren admits to Gaz that she told Calvin about their Spencer baby scam. Gaz now realises just how dangerous Calvin is to them and wonders how they can shut him up. All eyes turn on Sasha as she seizes the moment at the wedding reception. With hatred burning, Sasha asks Calvin why he left Warren to die. Carmel and Calvin take to the dance floor, Calvin becomes surrounded by enemies old and new, when he is shot dead!

Also; Suzanne and Darren give into temptation.

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