Cam saves Martha

As Martha struggles to keep Lou’s lecherous advances at bay, Cam wrestles with his conscience and finally bursts into the dressing room and rescues her. Lou is furious and calls the deal off. Cam comforts Martha, claiming he had no idea of Lou’s intentions, but he’s secretly despondent, knowing that without Lou’s backing, he’ll lose the club. Desperate to pay the loan sharks, Cam steals money from the Diner, and Martha is outraged when Jack suggests Cam might be the culprit.

Naomi arrives in Summer Bay to teach at the high school and is shocked to encounter Lucas, who she taught at writer’s camp. She confronts Lucas, telling him she only had a relationship with him at camp because she thought he was a uni student. He apologises for not telling her the truth, but tells her it shouldn’t change anything, seeing as they both have feelings for each other. The pair end up in a passionate kiss. However, Naomi is worried about the possible effect on her career, and tells Lucas they have to end their relationship, leaving him crushed.

Also, Martha discovers the cash Cam stole from the diner and realises Jack was right – Cam was the thief.

*Screened on RTE One, Thursday August 2*

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