King Uther has his priorities all wrong. He’s obsessed with making Camelot a magic-free zone when really it’s women who cause him so much bother in his kingdom. Will he ever learn? It’s not likely – unless Merlin uses one of his special looks and some of that magic muttering to turn him into an open-minded, benevolent king. That would be the simple solution but nothing’s ever that easy in Camelot.

Georgia Moffett (The Bill, Spooks: Code 9) guest stars as the troublesome female in this action-packed episode. She plays Vivian, much-loved daughter of King Olaf (Mark Lewis Jones – The Commander), a rival of Uther’s who is visiting Camelot for peace talks. Also in Camelot for the pow-wow is King Alined (David Schofield – Blue Murder), but he’s not really in the mood to make nice with the other kings. Alined wants a war – and, unlike Uther, he’ll use magic to get his way. He puts his plan into action by getting his jester to put a spell on Arthur, causing him to fall hopelessly in love with Vivian.

Neither Uther nor Arthur have been lucky in love in this series and nothing changes… The peace talks descend into a war of words that threatens to escalate into an all-out battle between the rival kingdoms. Merlin has to save the day – and Camelot – by freeing Arthur’s heart.