Cameron can’t stay away from Debbie and sneaks around to her house to see her – and that causes them both more trouble… Charity’s already worried about Debbie and wants Cain to get over being angry with their daughter and talk to her. He won’t listen to Charity, but he listens to Moira, who tells him Debbie needs him. With Charity, Cain goes to see Debbie – and finds her with Cameron. He wants to know what’s going on and so does Charity. But Debbie’s in no position to tell them the truth…not with killer Cameron in the same room.

Nikhil’s having trouble being in the same room as baby Molly. After Gennie’s terrible crash, Nikhil has barely been able to function. All he can think about is Gennie – but it’s Molly who needs him more. Nikhil’s keeping his distance from his daughter, though. It’s not that he doesn’t love his little girl, it’s just that he can’t think straight without Gennie at his side.

Vanessa’s not thinking straight, either… She wants Rhona, but Rhona thinks what Vanessa needs is a boyfriend. Her drug addiction has clearly made her blind to Vanessa’s feelings for her.