Cameron and Debbie serve up more lies

What have Debbie and Cameron done?! They brought tragedy to the Dingles’ doorstep – and they think they can get away with it. Well, Cameron does, but only if Debbie sticks to their story. And what is the story that they’re telling everyone? That they just came across Gennie’s wrecked car and did everything they could to help her. There’s no mention in their story of how they’re having an affair or how Gennie had got wind of that – and of killer Cameron’s secrets. They don’t want to talk about that to the Dingles and no wonder. The Dingles don’t take kindly to folk who hurt one of their own – and Cameron and Debbie have caused a lot of hurt.

Debbie’s conscience is pricking her, though… and Cameron knows this. This is a situation he needs to control and he can’t and it’s killing him. But will it lead to him killing someone else? Debbie really needs to be careful… Cameron expects her loyalty, but she’s a Dingle and, deep down, she knows where her loyalties lie – and that’s what Cameron’s afraid of.

Nicola’s afraid that creepy Steve is going to wreck her marriage… and he could. Jimmy’s back home – and he wouldn’t be happy to hear about Steve’s loan for Angelica’s school fees.